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The Stringer Recommends..

If you’re looking to change strings in the near future here are some I can thoroughly recommend.

Wilson Natural Gut  If only natural gut strings will do, give Wilson Natural a try. Venus and Serena Williams use it to blast their opponents off the court, and Roger Federer uses it as part of his hybrid stringing package. A beautifully clean gut string, it’s responsive, powerful, and provides great touch for your finance check out this site

Babolat RPM Blast Want to rip it like Rafa? Then get his string in your racket. Babolat RPM Blast is his choice. It’s a black-coloured, octagonally shaped string, designed to grab the ball and give you as much topspin, or slice, as you can get. If you need more spin in your game give this one a try. This string is currently on special offer, see the Special Offers page)

Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power  Get with Tomas Berdych, Juan Martin del Potro, Robin Soderling, Richard Gasquet, and a host of other big names and use Big Banger Alu Power.  A really powerful monofilament polyester and aluminium string in a thin gauge to really grip and bite the ball.  Luxilon strings are used by over 60% of the ATP Tour players, and over 40% of the WTA Tour. Find out why.

Tecnifibre Multifeel  A new string on the market, Multifeel has a thin monofilament core surrounded by 985 individual fibres giving it the feel of a multifilament string with durability more like a monofilament. Two gauges available, 1.25mm and  1.30mm.  A great choice for touch and control combined with power.

Tecnifibre Synthetic Gut  Without doubt the best synthetic gut string available, Tecnifibre Synthetic Gut is used by a number of other Tecnifibre touring pros, and provides all round performance normally only found in much more expensive strings. Available in three different gauges – 1.25mm, 1.30mm, and 1.35mm – allowing you to choose between a high performance more resilient thin gauge, a more durable 1.35mm gauge, or a combination of the two. Brilliant performance, a real top value string. Cheek

Prince Tournament Nylon  The original string for oversize and midsize frames, Tournament Nylon remains the best budget buy on the market. Not only that, it was used by multiple Grand Slam doubles champion Paolo Suarez as well, so it performs with the best of them.