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Racketball Restring Price List

Racketball is growing in popularity year by year, but few stringers in the UK carry strings specically developed for the demands of the game. They generally use squash strings, which do not have the dynamic tension necessary for use in a racketball frame, or the resilience to transfer power and control to ball.

I string for a number of  UK nationally ranked players, and the strings listed below, many of which I am importing from the US myself as they are not available in the UK, have all been developed especially for racketball. They will provide you with the best possible on-court performance.

Racketball Strings

Tecnifibre NRG2Tecnifibre's world famous tennis string for racketball. Over 1,000 individual fibres spun together for unequalled power, touch, and feel. Superb performance. 1.24mm gauge.£27.00
Ashaway PowerKill ProUsed by American racketball legend Cliff Swain, PowerKill Pro is a dark red-coloured 1.30mm gauge multifilament string with Zyex elements for added tension maintenance.£25.00
Ashaway PowerKill 17The same construction and colour as PowerKill Pro, but a 1.25mm gauge rather than 1.30mm, PowerKill 17 provides a bit more power and bite on the ball for those looking for that little bit extra.£25.00
Ashaway UltraKill 17
A softer playing string than Ashaway's PowerKill range, UltraKill 17 is another multifilament string with Zyex fibres for added tension maintenance. Optic green colour.£22.00
Ashaway SuperKill XLAshaway SuperKill XL offers a combination of a multifilament core and textured double braided nylon polymer wraps. A lively playing string with excellent bite on the ball. White with thin red and blue spirals. 1.25mm.£21.00
Ektelon Lightning XXUsed by Ruben Gonzalez,Lightning XX incorporates spring loaded polyester 'Powerfoil' technology, which releases explosive energy on impact for greater power whilst providing a wear barrier for increased durability. Standard colour is clear with silver Powerfoil. Also available in black, red, blue, and pink to special order. 1.30mm.£20.00
Wilson SensationWilson Sensation is a 1.25mm multifilament string made with Dual-wrap multifilament Xycro Micro Fibres. The string benefits from Wilson's Dynelastic technology, an exclusive wet wrap technique that twists and wraps the fibres at the same time. £19.00
Tecnifibre Synthetic GutUsing the same construction and technologies used in Tecnifibre's outstanding squash strings, Synthetic Gut is a 1.25mm string that offers outstanding performance at this price.£18.00
Head MegablastHead Megablast features a multifilament centre core with co-polymer braided multifilament wraps.  There is a slight textured carbon co-polymer coating to it which adds durability and provides less string movement. £18.00