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Below are some of the testimonials and references I have received. When I string your racket you will be invited to comment on the quality of my work and the service you received. You will also be given the choice of having your contact details shown or withheld.

“I used Colin the Stringer’s service to get my 2 racquets re-strung. Very fast turnaround and my racquets have been re-strung and gripped to a very high standard! Since having the re-string, I am unbeaten in my club at singles, so something must have changed and I put it down to the right grips and strings!”  JRA West London

“Have had my squash racket re strung by Colin twice now and both times the consistency has been all part of the service from the great communication and advice from Colin, through to the quick turnaround in recieving my racket back in less than a week.  Great value for money, and very high quality stringing which lasts longer than any other re stringing service I have used before.  Highly recommended and always comment and recommend to my squash friends too.  Thanks again!”  Gavin, Wanstead, London

“I posted my Wilson Triad to Colin on Thursday and it was back with me on the following Tuesday looking like a new racket. I was absolutely delighted. I bet if I’d sent it to him on Wednesday I’d have got it back on Friday. Colin’s service is faultless. Fantastic communication kept me in the picture from start to finish, and the prices are very reasonable too. In fact he tried to undercharge me but I managed to stop him. Haven’t had a chance to use my ‘new’ racket yet, as squash night is on a Monday, but I can’t wait to use it to dish out some heavy punishment to my opponents. In these ripoff days it is so refreshing to enjoy some good old fashioned service. Well done Colin.” Tony, Warminster.

“A superb stringing service. Expert advice guided me to a string and setup which improved my game. Extensive experience knew that the manufacturers stringing method could be improved. Speed of service was faster than getting it done locally. Great communication. Excellent value for money.   I’d highly recommend Colin for all your tennis stringing needs whether a novice, club player or pro. He has the knowledge, experience and sound advice to help you make the most of your equipment. Thanks.”  Paul, Bishops Stortford, (

“I am very impressed with the overall racket stringing service. Colin gave me good advice on string selection based on my racket & playing ability. Kept me informed on the status of my order. I had my racket back within 2 working days!!  I would recommend him without hesitation.”  Rana, Staines

“Amazing value for money, very quick turnaround and excellent communication. I will be recommending Colin in the highest terms to all my squash-playing pals. Thanks again!” Adam, Edinburgh, (

“The quality of the restringing is excellent & combined with the good communication as well as the fast turn around I cannot speak highly enough of your services. I will definitely be sending my rackets to you in the future & will recommend you to family and friends.” Adil, Manchester, (

“Was a little apprehensive about sending my rackets to a man I’ve never met, but they were returned restrung, in 3 working days (probably quicker than a local sports shop), cheaply, with better strings. In essence, excellent!”  Phil, Islington,(

“Racket arrived today and the new strings feel and look ace! Delivery was in good time, and it means I can play with the racket in a match this afternoon! Your advice appears to be spot on and I can only thank you for making my racket feel like new again! Excellent service and I’ll be recommending you to other players and friends!” -  Tom, Bournemouth (

“As you know I approached you after an indifferent restring job was done on one of my rackets. Where I now live it’s difficult to find anyone to do a restring, so your mail order service seemed the only chance of getting a good restring. It was less than a week after sending the racket to you that it was returned. The quality of the job done and the quality of service provided, from initial contact to return of the racket, was excellent. You obviously take care and pride in you work. I will certainly recommend you to anyone I know, and I will be sending another racket to you soon.”  Steve, Todmorden, Lancs, (

“It has been great communication, very happy with new string. my racquet became great weapon again” – Jin, Manchester (

“Colin’s service has been faultless. In terms of knowledge, professionalism and speed of service, Colin is second to none. I’ll definitely be sending my racquets to Colin again”  –Michael, Bedford (

“Enormous range of strings, and a good explanation of what each one is. Excellent restring.” – Steve, London

“I’ve been playing tennis for over 20 years, and this is by far the best gut restring I’ve ever had.” – George, London (

“I didn’t really know what I wanted, but I knew my racket needed restringing. I spoke with Colin who asked me about my game and how often I played, and then recommended a few strings to me. We discussed each one and then decided what to go for. My racquet’s now better than ever.”  Clare, Slough

“This has given my racquet a new lease of life.  I am 100% satisfied and playing better than ever.  Georgina, Wimbledon (

“My friend thought I was crazy sending my racquet to England to get it strung, but it is one of the best decisions I made as it is the best it has ever been.  I will be sending again.”  Marie-Claire, Deauville

“I have found Colin’s website very informative, I have not seen such a variety of squash strings offered by anyone else. My Squash rackets are back within due time and the quality of service is second to none. I am not looking for any other stringer anymore” – Usman, Manchester (

“Received my racquet on Saturday and it’s better than ever. Just spending a little bit more on the Babolat strings has  certainly been worth it and beats my bog standard string (that I get at my local sports shop) hands down. Thanks again”.  Michael,

“Great service and terrific presentation.” – Jack, Taunton

“Thank you for a great job. Best restring I’ve had.” – John, London

“Good to know what the pro’s are playing with. I never knew there were so many strings around.” – Tom, Cardiff

“Thanks for recommending Tecnifibre. The strings are great and I’m enjoying the game more than ever.” – Jane, Newcastle