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Tennis Restring Price List

Listed below are the most popular tennis restrings I offer with their prices. You”ll find everything from the strings of the world’s top players to quality budget lines. The list is the most comprehensive in the UK, and is divided into three sections: Natural Gut Strings, Hybrid Strings, and Synthetic Strings. To see who’s playing with what strings please click on the ‘Tennis Pros & Their Strings‘ page.

Use the “Search” feature to search for any particular make or string feature; eg: type in Luxilon to see all Luxilon brand strings, enter multifilament to see all multifilament strings, putting in 1.20 will show you all 1.20mm gauge strings in my range, etc.

If you can’t find a particular string you’re looking for drop me an e-mail to Ask The Stringer I carry the full range of virtually all the major manufacturers including Babolat, Tecnifibre, Wilson, Luxilon, Prince, Bow Brand, Gamma, Head, Pacific, Titan, Kirschbaum, Klipspringer, Toalson, Ashaway, and Pro’s Pro.

PLEASE NOTE: Whilst many natural gut strings are now supplied in a ‘weatherproofed’ finish, this is not to say that they can be used in rain or excessively damp conditions as synthetic strings can. The weatherproofing enables play in slightly damp conditions, but no gut string comes with any form of guarantee as regards durability or water resistance.

Price page is currently being updated: please contact me for prices.