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Tennis Restring Price List

Listed below are the most popular tennis restrings I offer with their prices. You’ll find everything from the strings of the world’s top players to quality budget lines. The list is the most comprehensive in the UK, and is divided into three sections: Natural Gut Strings, Hybrid Strings, and Synthetic Strings. To see who’s playing with what strings please click on the ‘Tennis Pros & Their Strings‘ page.

Use the “Search” feature to search for any particular make or string feature; eg: type in Luxilon to see all Luxilon brand strings, enter multifilament to see all multifilament strings, putting in 1.20 will show you all 1.20mm gauge strings in my range, etc.

If you can’t find a particular string you’re looking for drop me an e-mail to Ask The Stringer I carry the full range of virtually all the major manufacturers including Babolat, Tecnifibre, Wilson, Luxilon, Prince, Bow Brand, Gamma, Head, Pacific, Titan, Kirschbaum, Klipspringer, Toalson, Ashaway, and Pro’s Pro.

Natural Gut

Natural Gut strings are made from the finest quality lamb and beef intestines, and offer unparalleled power, feel, touch, and control. They also offer unequalled shock absorption for players suffering from arm problems. Many top professionals use natural gut, either as a full restring, or as part of a hybrid stringing system.
Wilson Natural GutThe string used by Venus and Serena Williams, and by Roger Federer in his hybrid stringing, Wilson Natural is a powerful 1.30mm natural gut string offering plenty of control and good durability.£46.00
Babolat VS TeamManufactured in France, this premier grade, thin, (1.25mm), extra quality natural gut string is played by Caroline Wozniacki and Maria Sharapova as part of their hybrid stringing. VS Team is the most popular natural gut string on the Association of Tennis Professionals, (ATP), Tour. Superb performance. Only available in non-weatherproofed finish.£43.00
Babolat VS TouchManufactured in France, and available in 1.30mm and 1.35mm gauges, this natural gut string is similar to VS Team, but offers a differentiation between more power or more control. Used by Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, it is also endorsed by the ATP. Superb performance, and available in All Season, (weatherproofed), finish. This string is also available in a black finish.£42.00
Bow Brand ChampionshipBow Brand strings were the power behind Stefan Edberg’s and Ivan Lendl’s multiple Grand Slam titles, and this superb English made natural gut string is available in a variety of gauges to suit different playing styles, from touch and control to heavy topspin.£40.00
Klipspringer LegendA natural gut string designed and developed especially for the topspin player. A heavyweight, heavy duty string with a natural rough edge for extra grip and extra spin, Legend offers the additional durability often sought by gut players but rarely found.£38.00

PLEASE NOTE: Whilst many natural gut strings are now supplied in a ‘weatherproofed’ finish, this is not to say that they can be used in rain or excessively damp conditions as synthetic strings can. The weatherproofing enables play in slightly damp conditions, but no gut string comes with any form of guarantee as regards durability or water resistance.

Hybrid Stringing

Hybrid stringing uses two different types of string, usually natural gut or a high performance multifilament, and a monofilament string, to provide touch and feel with increased durability. Listed below are hybrid combinations used by some of today’s top players. Other combinations are available on request. For full details of the construction of each string, please see the individual string description in either the natural gut or synthetic string section.
The ‘Roger Federer’Wilson Natural Gut main strings/ Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power Rough cross strings.£38.00
The ‘Novak Djokovic’Babolat VS Team Natural Gut main strings / Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power Rough cross strings.£38.00
The ‘Andy Murray’Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power main strings / Babolat VS Touch cross strings.£37.00
The ‘Jo-Wilfried Tsonga’Babolat VS Team main strings / Babolat RPM Blast cross strings£37.00
The ‘Bryan Brothers’Prince Natural Gut main strings / Prince Beast XP cross strings£37.00
The ‘Maria Sharapova’Babolat RPM Blast main strings / Babolat VS Team cross strings.£37.00
The ‘Lleyton Hewitt’Babolat VS Team main strings / Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power cross strings.£37.00
The ‘Andy Roddick’Babolat RPM Blast main strings / Babolat VS Team cross strings.£37.00
The ‘Li Na’Babolat Pro Hurricane main strings /Babolat Xcel cross strings£30.00

Synthetic Strings

This section covers multifilament, polyester/co-polymer, and wrapped synthetic strings. See the 'Types of String' section for explanations on the construction and benefits of each type of string.
Tecnifibre X-One BiphaseConstructed in the same way as natural gut strings, Tecnifibre X-One Biphase is a 1.24mm gauge string made of 1540 individual fibres fused together, and is used by Marcos Baghdatis and Gisella Dulko. Tecnifibre strings are the nearest thing yet to natural gut in a synthetic string, and X-One provides wonderful resilience, control, touch, and feel. Excellent shock absorbing properties for anyone suffering from tennis elbow. Also available in a thin ultra high performance 1.18mm gauge, and an extra durable 1.30mm gauge.£29.00
Wilson NXT PowerWilson's premier multifilament synthetic gut, NXT Power offers an even closer to gut-like feel than regular NXT. According to Wilson, it's the softest and most comfortable string in the NXT line. Designed with almost twice as many fibers as regular NXT, it offers a 15% increase in sweet spot size and 80% less vibration than traditional synthetic gut. A great choice for players of all levels and playing styles looking for near gut-like performance at a much lower.£27.00
Tecnifibre HDX TourTecnifibre HDX Tour combines soft Elastyl fibres with firm polyester filaments to give players a crisper feeling multifilament with controllable power. To improve durability there is a slick abrasion resistant coating. The result of all these ingredients is a comfortably firm multifilament that feels at once powerful and precise, not unlike a high quality hybrid.£26.50
Luxilon 4GA polyester monofilament string from Luxilon designed for better tension maintenance for long lasting high level play. Used by Richard Gasquet, and Serena Williams & Grigor Dimitrov in their hybrid stringing, a full stringbed of 4G provides great bite and control.£26.50
Tecnifibre NRG2Formally sold in Europe as X-Tra Dynamic Biphase, NRG2 is a 1.24mm or 1.32mm multifilament string from Tecnifibre designed to provide a little more power. A winner of the USRSA’s Best Synthetic String award. As with X-One Biphase, excellent shock absorbing properties for anyone suffering from tennis elbow.£26.00
Babolat RPM BlastThe choice of Rafael Nadal, Stanislas Wawrinka, Schiavone, Samantha Stosur, and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Maria Sharapova as prt of their hybrid stringing, RPM Blast is a high density co-polyester, octagonally shaped string giving phenomenal spin, explosive power, and great feel. String of the year 2010.£25.00
Prince Premier LTPrince Premier LT is the highest scoring synthetic string ever in the USRSA's String Survey. Utilising advanced linear technology, (LT), Premier's micro-fibres are aligned in parallel to pocket/cup the ball providing exceptional comfort, power and playability. Advanced polyamide coating gives improved durability and spin. Available in 1.20mm, 1.25mm, and 1.30mm gauges. A string with superb playability.£25.00
Solinco Hyper-GNew from Solinco, neon green Hyper-G is a develpment of their well established Tour Bite range. It utilises a newly developed chemical formula and is square-shaped to generate maximum power and control whilst amplifying spin production.£25.00
Tecnifibre TGVA range of multifilament strings from Tecnifibre in gauges of 1.30mm, 1.35mm, and 1.40mm, which offer superb performance and great value for money. Choose a thinner gauge if you’re a net or all court player, choose a thicker gauge if you play with heavy topspin.£25.00
Babolat OriginA string made from 100% natural polyamide, with a monofilament design that provides maximum power and comfort, Origin delivers a comfortably crisp response with wonderful dwell time and great feel. Like natural gut, this string is very responsive and comfortable at higher tensions.£25.00
Wilson NXT TourA high performance multifilament with 1,120 High Crystallinity Xycro Micro Fibres impregnated with 48% polyurethane to provide an extra large sweetspot and extra shock absorption, NXT Tour is the ultlimate form of NXT technology.£25.00
Solinco VanquishUsed by doubles specialist Colin Fleming, Vanquish is Solinco's top multifilament string. A Du Pont high modulus polyamide multifilament core and enhanced performance resin offers a unique blend of touch and control. £25.00
Tecnifibre BlackCode 4SA development of Tecnifibre BlackCode, BlackCode 4S is a square-shaped co-poly string featuring Thermocore technology. Its square shape gives great bite on the ball resulting in tremendous spin potential. This string has minimal tension loss while offering a soft feel.£24.50
Tecnifibre Razor CodeIntroduced in2013 and used by Janko Tipsarevic, Denis Istomin, and Marc Gicquel, Razor Code is a polyester string that uses Thermocore technology to offer polyester performance with a softer feel and added power. An excellent choice for players with elbow or shoulder problems who are seeking polyester performance, and those looking for more touch and feel from a poly string.£24.50
Tecnifibre X-CodeCombining polyester and polyurethane, X-Code provides an excellent fusion of liveliness and control. Using multifilament technology, polyester strands are wound and fused together in multiple bundles, providing multifilament feel with polyester power and control.£24.50
Solinco Tour BiteUsed by Jamie Murray, Tour Bite is for players looking for the ultimate in spin. Its square-shaped profile grabs the ball like no other, giving tremendous topspin and slice. A third generation polyester, Tour Bite plays with a more forgiving feel than most polys. Also used by Ana Ivanovic, Donald Young, and Bjørn Fratangelo. £24.50
Babolat RPM DualNew from Babolat, RPM Dual is a combination of a high density co-polyester and a titanium co-polyester to improve resistance to abrasion and to ensure greater durability. The cross-linked silicone coating provides better bite for enhanced spin, and Babolat’s Twist System technology provides excellent tension hold.£24.50
Head Hawk TouchFeaturing ‘Crystal Core Technology’ and a unique and innovative multi stage heat process, this Hawk Touch is designed to provide an ultimate touch and exquisite feeling for a perfect control to high level players.£24.00
Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power, and Alu Power RoughChosen by Juan Martin del Potro, Tomas Berdych, Victoria Azarenka, and Petra Kvitova, (Alu Power), for cross strings by Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic, (Alu Power Rough), and main strings by Andy Murray, (Alu Power), these silver-coloured strings are solid monofilaments offering good durability. Their thin, (1.25mm), gauge give touch and control, and provide the topspin player with plenty of bite on the ball. The most popular strings on the Men’s ATP Tour.£24.00
Babolat RPM TeamOffering the same great access to spin as RPM Blast and with the same octagonal profile, Babolat injects air bubbles into the core of RPM Team to give it a very slightly softer feel. An alternative for anyone who finds RPM Blast too hard on their arm.£24.00
Babolat Pro Hurricane TourUsed by Rafael Nadal to win four Roland Garros titles, the 2008 Wimbledon Championship, and the 2009 Australian Open, Pro Hurricane Tour is a yellow coloured, octagonally shaped monofilament string designed to grab the ball and impart as much topspin, or slice as possible.£24.00
Babolat Xcel PowerBabolat's top of the range multifilament, Xcel features highly elastic polyamide fibres for greater comfort and better tension maintenance. Good durability thanks to excellent adhesion between the fibres and the matrix. 1.30mm gauge.£24.00
Luxilon Big Banger TiMoAvailable in either 1.10mm or 1.17mm gauges, Timo is the thinnest string in the Big Banger range, and offers excellent resilience and fast recovery, as well as control and comfort thanks to the inclusion of titanium and molybdenum in the polyester string formulation.£24.00
Tecnifibre XR3Tecnifibre's XR3 string proves you can have a firm, crisp feeling string without sacrificing comfort. A tri-core construction consisting of three monofilaments combined with a multifilament wrap for plenty of power, yet enough feel for control. An anti-abrasion coating improves durability for longer string life.£23.50
Babolat XcelUsed by Li Na in her hybrid stringing and offering a great combination of comfort, touch, feel and power, this new version of XCel adds a durability upgrade to Babolat's time-tested original construction. The increase in durability will allow stronger players with longer strokes to enjoy maximum playability. £23.50
Babolat Pro HurricaneUsed by Li Na in her hybrid stringing, Pro Hurricane is a natural coloured or yellow finish monofilament string designed to provide pure power blended with topspin or slice for control.£23.50
Luxilon Big Banger OriginalUsed by David Ferrer, Tommy Robredo, and Nicolas Almagro, Big Banger Original is another monofilament string from Luxilon. A slightly thicker gauge, (1.30mm), than Alu Power, Big Banger Original, a tour proven high performance string, offers even greater durability.£23.50
Tecnifibre BlackCodeTecnifibre BlackCode is a co-poly string and features Thermocore technology. It has a pentagonal profile for good bite on the ball resulting in better spin potential. This string has minimal tension loss while offering a soft feel.£23.00
Yonex Poly Tour FireUsed by Angelique Kerber to win the 2016 Australian Open, Poly Tour Fire is a red coloured co-polymer string infused with a special silicon oil to provide better snap back and more spin.£23.00
Head Reflex MLTThis premium multifilament string provides excellent power and touch thanks to its full multifilament construction and to its soft PU resin, together with precise control due to innovative low friction additives in the coating that allow a perfect realignment of the main strings after every shot and a faster snap back effect.£23.00
Prince Beast XPUsed by the Bryan Brothers in their hybrid stringing, Beast XP, the world’s first thermo-polyester string, was designed to offer improved tension maintenance, precision and consistency. Coming in the traditional Prince green colour, this monofilament co-polyester provides excellent access to spin, a crisp response, and good durability, and is available in either 1.25mm or 1.30mm gauges.£23.00
Dunlop DNADunlop’s premium multifilament string delivers power with enhanced durability. DNA features a unique PBT fibre coil which spirals around the central coil giving the string extra power and durability whilst retaining feel and control. 1.30mm gauge.£23.00
Dunlop Black WidowChosen by British star Heather Watson on her climb up the rankings, Black Widow is a black coloured premium polyester string offering great power and a heptagonal profile which bites the ball for exceptional spin generation. Available in 1.26mm and 1.31mm gauges.£22.50
Tecnifibre Ruff CodeFor the player seeking more spin and control, Tecnifibre Ruff Code plays livelier with more ball speed off the stringbed and a softer feel at impact. Perfect for big hitting, power players, Ruff Code is a gear-shaped co-polyester string providing increased durability and spin. According to Tecnifibre, the bi-phase construction process used for Ruff Code offers 10% better tension maintenance than any other polyester or co-polyester strings.£22.50
Head IntellitourThe choice of French Davis Cup player Gilles Simon, Intellistring is a hybrid of Head's RIP Feel and RIP Power strings. Multifilament RIP Feel provides the touch and control, whilst thin, slightly textured RIP Power delivers the punch.£22.50
Head GravityA new concept designed to maximize the spin potential of this co-polyester string. The triangular shaped main strings increase the friction between the ball and the string bed maximizing the ball bite effect, while the round thin cross strings allow a faster snap back that accelerates the rotation of the ball, adding unique touch and perfect control.£22.00
Babolat M7M7 is an innovative string with a new multifilament construction that provides power, comfort and durability.
This string is composed of seven 100% polyamide monofilaments and an innovative PA+PU matrix for a longer lifespan and a high level of comfort.
Prince Poly Spin 3DA medium density polyester string with three strategically placed high density polyester strands aligned to create a three dimensional shape to grip the ball for extra spin. Creates 50% less shock than conventional polyester strings.£22.00
Tecnifibre XR1XR1 builds upon Tecnifibre Multifeel with even better feel and additional comfort. The rectangular monofilament core provides improved tension maintenance over Multifeel. XR1 provides a soft feel from the 1,125 multifilaments, compared with Multifeel ‘s 985 composite multifilaments. Also features a silicone coating for increased durability.£22.00
Dunlop Hexy FibreThe world's first shaped multifilament string, Dunlop Hexy Fibre has a six-sided profile for great spin production, whilst its multifilament construction provides super comfort, power, and touch & control.£21.50
Prince Poly EXPA crisp feeling polyester blend string from Prince, Poly EXP has a high density clear polyester outer layer for durability and spin production, while nine streams of medium density polyester provides a softer inner core for enhanced touch and feel. £21.50
Signum Pro Plasma HEXtreme PureMade in Germany by established manufacturer Signum Pro, Plasma HEXtreme Pure is a six-sided polyester string designed for optimum spin and tension retention. A slightly softer feel gives excellent control and feel. The string used by Sergiy Stakhovsky to beat Roger Federer at Wimbledon in 2013. £21.00
Wilson SensationMade with Dual-wrap multifilament Xycro Micro Fibres, Sensation offers a similar feel and appearance to natural gut. Manufactured using Wilson's Dynelastic technology, and exclusive technique that twists and wraps the fibres at the same time for consistent performance, and pre-stretched for tension retention, Sensation's dynamic elasticity 'holds' the ball longer.£21.00
Luxilon AdrenalineA new budget priced string from Luxilon, offering exceptional value for money, Adrenaline features new Liquid Crystal Polymer technology, giving this monofilament abundant power, precision, and playability. Available in 1.20mm, 1.25mm, and 1.30mm gauges. Choose a thinner gauge for more playability, a thicker gauge for more durability.£20.50
Tecnifibre Pro RedCodeNow at a new lower price, Pro RedCode is a polyester/co-polymer monofilament string from Tecnifibre used by big serving American John Isner to beat Andy Roddick in the 2009 US Open and Nicolas Mahut in the longest match in tennis history at Wimbledon in 2010. A powerful red coloured string available in either 1.25mm or 1.30mm gauges, Pro RedCode absorbs vibration much better than traditional polyester strings, and maintains its resilience extremely well.£20.00
Head Velocity MLTThis multifilament string provides a perfect combination of power and touch thanks to its special construction, together with a great spin potential due to innovative low friction additives in the coating.£20.00
Yonex Poly Tour SpinUsed by 2013 Wimbledon finalist Sabine Lisicki, Poly Tour Spin is light blue coloured, pentagonally shaped polyester string designed to give extra spin for the same amount of effort. Its 1.25mm gauge also gives a good power level, and good touch and feel.£20.00
Babolat AddictionFeaturing a multifilament construction, Addiction blends power, control and comfort. A mix of polyamide fibres and polyurethane provides a soft feel and a lively response from this string. Durability is enhanced with Polytetrafluorethylene, a low friction material included to reduce string notching and premature breakage. Available in 1.25mm and 1.30mm gauges, Addiction is an excellent value for money multifilament.£20.00
Head Sonic ProMade from uniquely refined co-polymer polyester with a soft molecular construction, Head Sonic Pro is a 1.25mm string offering superior control and touch for extra power and spin. This soft feeling durable string offers a nice lively response and playability in a polyester.£20.00
Yonex Poly Tour ProUsed by Martina Hingis, Poly Tour Pro is a softer feeling co-polymer giving great access to spin and a very precise response on full swings. £19.00
Prince Synthetic GutThe yardstick by which other synthetic strings are measured, Synthetic Gut set new standards in synthetic string performance when introduced in the early-1980s, and is probably still the most responsive, resilient Prince string. Double wrap construction with Duraflex for added durability.£19.00
Tecnifibre Synthetic GutTecnifibre Synthetic Gut is a high performance string made from premium grade synthetic polymers. Low elongation factor and great elasticity give this string qualities comparable to natural gut, but at a much lower price. Brilliant performance, and exceptional value for money.£19.00
Babolat N.VyA 1.30mm single wrap double coated string from Babolat featuring IMS, (Integrated Micro Spheres), technology giving good access to spin, comfort, and durability. The first outer coat is a beaded, denser wrap, while the second, outer coat is silicon based, helping prevent notching. A nice balance between power, control, and feel.£18.50
Prince TopspinPrince Topspin is a rough textured, long lasting string, designed to give extra spin without any extra effort. Available in a white finish, Topspin is ideal for players looking to add a little more spin to their game, but not suitable for those looking for more touch and feel.£18.50
Dunlop IceDunlop Ice is a great feeling, crystal clear polyester string that offers maximum control for greater accuracy, minimal string movement and good access to spin. Perfect for the player who has a long fast swing and hits the ball hard, Dunlop Ice is also the coolest looking string around. Exceptional value for money.£18.00
Mantis Power SyntheticA highly elastic monofilament is compressed to provide a durable central core. The outer layers are twisted with ultra thin, high elasticity monofilaments to provide a sturdier construction. Finally, the string is coated by an elastic resin bonding process that helps to improve its explosive power.£18.00
Mantis Comfort PolyesterFrom British company Mantis Sports, Comfort Polyester is a string that has been developed with a proprietary chemical treatment producing a softer feel for excellent comfort, without compromising on the high level of power expected of any polyester. This string has a particularly comfortable feel at ball contact.£16.50
Prince Tournament NylonThe original string specifically designed for oversized rackets, Tournament Nylon still offers really good performance, and was used by multiple Grand Slam doubles champion Paulo Suarez when she was playing. Great value for money.£16.00
Pro’s Pro HexaspinA six-sided tough nylon monofilament core with a nylon overwrap from Germany-based Pro’s Pro, Hexaspin is a medium price range string designed to impart more spin to your shots for no extra effort.£15.50
Bow Brand TournamentA 1.28mm string from British manufacturer Bow Brand featuring a polyamide co-polymer core wrapped with a strong monofilament coating. Provides good ball control and spin potential.£15.50
Wilson Ultra Synthetic GutWilson’s budget line performance string, Ultra Synthetic Gut has been designed for the club and casual player looking for a balance between playability and durability.£14.00
Pro’s Pro TitaniumPro’s Pro’s entry level co-polyester monofilament string offers good performance for a low priced string. Its 1.35mm gauge gives good feel combined with excellent durability, and makes this silver-coloured string ideal for schools and sports centres.£13.00