Professional Racket Stringer | Colin The Stringer


Why choose Colin to restring your racket over anyone else? There are dozens, but here are Ten Good Reasons to start with:

1. Master Racquet Technician – Colin is one of the few a Master Racquet Technicians, (MRT), in the UK. Master Racquet Technicians have achieved a standard of quality and performance in racket stringing and customisation that is the best in the world.

2. 100% Attention – Colin is a professional racket stringer, not someone or somewhere that fits in racket stringing when time permits. Colin carries out all restrings himself, and your racket receives 100% of his expert attention. Check how to find more about condos for sale san diego downtown.

3. Experience – Colin has strung at numerous tournaments in the UK and overseas, and your racket will receive the same care and attention as professional players receive.

4. Knowledge – Colin’s knowledge of strings and how the right string can benefit your game is unsurpassed. Always right up to date with developments, Colin can advise you on the best strings for your racket and your type of game.

5. Low Return Postage Cost – Colin charges only a £1.00 contribution towards return postage. Other online stringing services charge £5.00-£6.00 or more.

6. 24 Hour Turnround Available – Need your racket in a hurry? No problem. For only £2.00 per racket extra Colin will string your racket and get it in the post back to you within 24 hours of receiving it. Check out the maid effect.

7. Widest Range of Strings – Colin’s range of tennis, racketball, squash, and badminton strings is second to none. If you can’t find the particular string you’re after listed, chances are Colin will be able to get it for you.

8. Special Offers – Colin has regular Special Offers on different strings, enabling you to have top strings at even lower prices.

9. Repairs and Customisation – Racket broken or cracked? Don’t throw it away, Colin can repair it for you. Need a new or replacement grip? Get Colin to fit one. Grip size too small or too big? Ask Colin to change it for you. You can even do Laser Vein Removal, for removing the vein. New racket doesn’t feel as good as your old one? Speak to Colin about customising it so that it does. Check out the Replacement Grips and Regripping, and Racket Customisation and Repairs pages.

10. Regular Newsletters – Everyone who Colin strings for receives regular Newsletters on their racket sport, giving up to the minute news on the strings and rackets the top players are using, reviews of new or the most popular strings, and special offers.