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Squash Restring Price List

Listed below are the most popular squash restrings I offer with their prices. You’ll find everything from the strings of the world’s top players to quality budget lines. The list is divided into two sections: Natural Gut Strings,  and Synthetic Strings.

Use the ‘Search’ feature to find a particular make or type of string in each section. eg: type in Ashaway to see all Ashaway brand strings, and entering multifilament will show you all multifilament strings in my range.

If you can’t find a particular string you’re looking for drop an e-mail to Ask The Stringer I carry the full range of virtually all the major manufacturers including Babolat, Tecnifibre, Wilson, Luxilon, Prince, Bow Brand, Gamma, Head, Pacific, Titan, Kirschbaum, Klipspringer, Toalson, Ashaway, and Pro’s Pro.

Squash Natural Gut

Natural Gut strings are made from the finest quality lamb and beef intestines, and offer unparalleled power, feel, touch, and control. They also offer unequalled shock absorption for players suffering from arm problems.
Klipspringer LegendAn Australian made natural gut from respected string manufacturer Klipspringer. Its 1.30mm gauge provides good durability combined with high quality response for those looking for the unmistakable feel and playability of natural gut.£32.00
Titan G8Also an Australian made natural gut string, Titan G8 is a tough hard wearing string, suitable for players who base their game around power. A 1.30mm gauge gives Titan G8 touch and control to go along with its power potential.£30.00

Squash Synthetic Strings

This section covers multifilament, polyester/co-polymer, and wrapped synthetic strings. See the 'Types of String' section for explanations on the construction and benefits of each type of string.
Tecnifibre X-One BiphaseConstructed in the same way as natural gut strings, Tecnifibre X-One Biphase is a red or natural coloured 1.18mm gauge string made of over 1,200 individual fibres fused together, and incorporates Elastyl fibres for 12% more power. Used by Thierry Lincou, Wael El Hindi, Lucie Fialova, and numerous other top professionals. Tecnifibre X-One Biphase is the nearest thing yet to natural gut in a synthetic string, and provides great power together with wonderful resilience, control, touch, and feel.£24.00
Tecnifibre DNAMXDNAMX is a black-coloured high performance multifilament from Tecnifibre which combines X-One Biphase's power and 305's touch, control, and feel. Already being used by Mohammed El Shorbagy and many other top players, DNAMX is a tremendous addition to the Tecnifibre range. Available in 1.15mm, 1.20mm, and 1.25mm gauges, Tecnifibre DNAMX’s different gauges allow players a choice in performance from the ultimate performance of the 1.15mm through to more durability of the 1.25mm.£23.50
Ashaway UltraNickUsed by Daryl Selby, UltraNick is the latest string from squash specialists Ashaway. Multifilament Zyex core packages with increased linear density and more cross-sectional strength provide a softer feel, more power, and improved ball control. Available in 1.15mm and 1.25mm gauges.£22.00
Tecnifibre 305Used by World No 1 Ramy Ashour, world famous green coloured 305 is another top performance string from Tecnifibre. Available in 1.10mm, 1.20mm, and 1.30mm gauges and made of over 1,200 individual fibres, it’s used by James Willstrop, Alister Walker, Rachael Grinham, Vanessa Atkinson and many others. As with 305+, Tecnifibre 305’s different gauges allow players a choice in performance from the ultimate performance of the 1.10mm through to more durability of the 1.30mm.£21.00
Wilson Hollow Core ProA revolutionary new string from Wilson featuring a unique triangular air-filled hollow core. Used by Peter Barker, this string provides power, comfort, and control with a gut-like feel for superb shock absorption and high energy return.£19.50
Ashaway SuperNick XL and SuperNick XL MicroThe choice of multiple champion and former World No 1 Peter Nicol, Supernick XL is a 1.25mm multifilament string with a textured surface for greater ball control. SuperNick XL Micro is the same construction, but in a 1.15mm gauge. Distinctive white finish with thin red and blue spiral crosses on XL, and yellow with red and blue spirals on XL Micro. Excellent resilience, with a softer playability, and excellent value for money.£19.00
Ashaway Powernick 18 RedChosen by David Palmer, Powernick 18 Red is a thin, (1.15mm), gauge multifilament string offering tremendous power from the dynamic stiffness of Zyex® filaments. Excellent tension stability at all tensions, and a superior combination of playability and durability in such a thin string. Must be strung at lower tensions to avoid stiff, ‘boardy’ feel.£19.00
Luxilon AdrenalineLuxilon strings are the most popular strings on the professional tennis tours, and Adrenaline is their first venture into the squash arena. A 1.20mm monofilament string, Adrenaline features new Liquid Crystal Polymer technology, giving this newcomer awesome power, precision, and playability. An excellent string already finding popularity on the squash tours.£18.50
Tecnifibre MultifeelMultifeel has a solid polyurethane core wrapped with over 900 individual fibres. A more durable string which still delivers multifilament touch and control. Available in 1.22mm and 1.25mm, gauges. Choose a thinner gauge for more resilience, a thicker gauge for more durability. Excellent performance.£18.00
Wilson Sensation StrikeA braided multifilament 1.24mm gauge string, Sensation Strike features a Xycro Micro fibres central core bound with a raised braided outer surface for added bite, and Duracoat exterior treatment for added durability.£18.00
Head IntellstringA 1.30mm string with a multifilament centre core and high density braided wraps, Intellistring has a slightly textured surface for more bite on the ball. A superb blend of power, feel, and durability, with great tension maintenance.£17.50
Head PerfectPowerPerfectPower features a PA66 multifilament core with a multifilament wrap of extra soft fibres, and a specially formulated anti-abrasion coating for added durability.£16.50
Tecnifibre Synthetic GutThe squash version of Tecnifibre’s world famous tennis string, Synthetic Gut is a high performance string made from premium grade synthetic polymers. Low elongation factor and great elasticity give this string qualities comparable to natural gut, but at a much lower price. Brilliant performance, and exceptional value for money.£16.00
Prince Super Syn Gut 17Derived from Prince’s established tennis Synthetic Gut, Super Syn Gut 17 was specifically developed for the squash court, and features a solid central core and two nylon overwraps for added durability. A thin 1.22mm gauge string which gives good bite on the ball.£15.50
Wilson Enduro TourA 1.25mm polyester string from Wilson. Polyester strings have taken the tennis world by storm, and this is one of the first squash polyesters to hit the market. Enormous power, and a softish feel provided by a blend of 28 polymers and additives.£15.00
Toalson AsteriskA new string from Toalson of Japan, Asterisk features three Asterisk shape cores covered with a very thin multifilament layers providing outstanding softer playability. 1.20mm, and a great string for players seeking a softer feel and more control.£14.00
Toalson 63A value for money smooth coated string from Japanese manufacturer Toalson. Its 1.20mm gauge gives good touch and feel, and provides good resilience. Good value for money.£13.00
Apollo Synthetic GutA smooth coated single wrap string from British-based Apollo. A 1.25mm gauge yellow coloured string that provides good durability.£13.00