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Special Offers

Special Offers

Each month I have a number of special offers on a range of strings, giving substantial discounts. This gives you the opportunity to try strings which you may otherwise not have thought about using. Below are the special offers running up until the end of Marh 2014.  For full details of each string please click on the Price List page.


Polystar Energy.  It took Nikolay Davydenko to the 2009 ATP Tour Finals title in London, to four Grand Slam semi-finals and a place in the world’s top four.  Probably the most underated monofilament on the market. It offers great value for money at its normal price, and is irresistible on special offer. Usually £22.00, Offer Price £16.00.

Tecnifibre Pro RedCode. A superb co-polymer string from Tecnifibre, Pro RedCode gives a softer feel, but packs an almighty punch.  John Isner uses it to bang down his 140+ mph serves, and used it to win his Wimbledon marathon against Nicolas Mahut at Wimbledon in 2010, and to take Rafa to five sets at Roland Garros in 2011. Usually £21.50, Offer Price £16.00!

Wilson Enduro Pro. The perfect string for anyone wanting to try a polyester string for the first time.  Enduro Pro is budget-priced, but not short on performance.  If you like the way this one plays it could be that the more high performance polys are for you.  Usually: £17.00, Offer Price £12.00.


Head Megablast. A multifilament centre core with co-polymer braided multifilament wraps and a slightly textured Carbon Co-polymer coating, give Megablast a highly elastic “snap-back” that delivers maximum power.  Excellent value for money at usual price, and even more attractive on offer.  Usually £16.50, Offer Price £13.50.


Wilson Reaction 70. A top quality string from Wilson featuring pre-stretched Thermoset microfibres, and a pressure injected resin process for a crisp feel. Thin 0.70mm gauge, this string is designed for maximum power and feel.  Usually £16.50, Offer Price £13.00.