Replacement Grips and Regripping

I offer a full replacement grip and regripping service, and a selection of my most popular grips is shown below. The price shown covers the supply of the grip and applying it to your racket. If you are having a new grip at the same time as a restring there is no further charge. If you require a new grip without a restring you will need to add a £2.00 as a contribution towards return postage.

If there is a particular grip you require or you’re interested in drop me a line at Ask The Stringer and if it’s available I will almost certainly be able to get hold of it for you.

Tennis Replacement Grips

Leather Grips
Prince Premium LeatherA superb, top quality leather grip from Prince. Used by many pros, and the ideal base for an overgrip as well.£12.50
Head Leather TourTop quality tan coloured leather grip from Head.£12.00
Wilson Premium LeatherWilson's beautifully crefted leather grip. Tan coloured, and the grip on Roger Federer's racket.£11.50
Gamma LeatherAmerican made tan coloured leather grip from Gamma.£11.00
Synthetic Grips
Wilson [K] GripA new black grip from Wilson with a double polyurethane outer layer for outstanding soft feel and comfort.£7.50
Wilson Comfort HybridA slightly thicker grip featuring a blend of shock absorbing air foam topped with soft polyurethane. White colour.£7.50
Wilson True GripA pigment free white coloured grip which enhances the bond between the hand and grip surface. Wilson's most tacky grip with outstanding feel.£7.00
Tecnifibre X.tra GripAvailable in black, red, or white, X.tra Grip is an extra durable and absorbent grip with light perforations.£6.75
Head HydroSorbTwin-Channel System for the ultimate in comfort and airflow with high-tack elastomer surface. Great combination of shock absorption and cushioning. Tacky surface ensures firm grip. Black colour.£6.50
Prince Duratred+Black coloured grip from Prince with zig-zag typre tread pattern and tacky feel.£6.50
Prince Duraperf+Black absorbent grip with large perforations for improved moisture management.£6.50
Babolat Syntec ProHigh absorption, high tack grip from Babolat. The standard grip on Babolat's Pure Drive and AreoPro Drive ranges. Black finish.£6.50
Head ComforTac TractionTraction pattern on innovative Triple-Layer-Design. Tacky surface with extra large perforations, Ultra absorbent second layer and soft cushioned base. Black colour.£6.00
Tecnifibre TackyMaxA thicker, more durable heavy tack grip. Good shock absorbing properties. Light tyre tread pattern, black finish.£6.00
Babolat UptakeBlack coloured smooth finish tacky grip. Standard grip on Babolat Reflex and XS rackets.£4.75

Squash Replacement Grips

Squash specific replacement grips are list below. Squash grips are generally slightly narrower than tennis grips, but tennis grips can also be used.
Synthetic grips
Wilson Micro Dry Indoor Squash Specifically designed for squash players, this grip features a new rayon felt for unsurpassed moisture absorption, and an extra tacky surface. Black finish.£6.00
Tecnibre Tec DryMaximum perspiration absorption due to the unique treatment of the polyurethane surface, and the perforations in three sub-layers of the grip. Black.£5.50
Tecnifibre Red GripGrip composed of a perforated adherent surface in elastomere and a polyurethane underlayer. Red finish, and designed for optimal comfort. Used by Thierry Lincou.

Badminton Replacement Grips

Badminton specific replacement grips are list below. Squash grips can also be used, as can tennis grips if the player is happy with the greater width of a tennis grip.
Synthetic Grips
Wilson Micro Dry Indoor BadmintonSpecifically designed for badminton players, this grip features a new rayon felt for unsurpassed moisture absorption, and an extra tacky surface. Black finish.£6.00
Head Super SoftSoft elastomer compound with a smooth tacky surface. Offers excellent tack with great absorption and durability. Black.