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Racketball Restring Price List

Racketball is growing in popularity year by year, but few stringers in the UK carry strings specically developed for the demands of the game. They generally use squash strings, which do not have the dynamic tension necessary for use in a racketball frame, or the resilience to transfer power and control to ball.

I string for a number of  UK nationally ranked players, and the strings listed below, many of which I am importing from the US myself as they are not available in the UK, have all been developed especially for racketball. They will provide you with the best possible on court performance.

Racketball Synthetic Strings

Tecnifibre NRG2Top of the range string from the world's leading synthetic string manufacturer Tecnifibre. PU400 multifilament technology which increases ball to string dwell time up to 400%, and Biphase finishing, which gives a 20% increase in durability. 1.24mm gauge. A superb string.£28.00
Tecnifibre 505 HPRAnother top flight string from Tecnifibre. PU400 multifilament technology to increase ball to string dwell time by up to 400%, and the most comfortable and shock free string available. 1.18mm gauge for maximum bite on the ball without loss of feel.£26.00
Prince Premier with SoftflexA great string for making a stiff racquet more comfortable, Prince's new Premier with Softflex is a multifilament string designed for ultimate gut-like playability. The elasticity of Softflex provides tremendous shock absorption and dampening for an ultra-soft, enhanced feel. Due to Softflex's excellent recovery from stretch at impact, Premier has tremendous resiliency and minimal tension loss.£22.00
Ashaway UltraKill 18A thin, (1.15mm), blue coloured performance string. Tremendous power and resilience with the softer feel of Zyex multifilaments. Excellent Tension stability at all tensions. Thin gauge maximizes softer feel and control. An excellent choice for players looking for a softer playing string with excellent power and control. £21.00
Ashaway UltraKill 17A green coloured, 1.25mm version of UltraKill 18. UltraKill 17 provides greater durability, and can be strung at higher tensions than UltraKill 18.£21.00
Tecnifibre XR1A new racketball string from Tecnifibre, XR1 is a racketball specific development of their famous XR1 tennis and squash strings. A rectangular monofilament core provides excellent tension maintenance, whilst 1,125 individual multifilaments provide a soft feel and great control. Also features a silicone coating for increased durability.£20.00
Ashaway SuperKill XLAshaway SuperKill XL is a 1.25mm multifilament string with a textured surface for greater ball control. White finish with thin red and blue spiral crosses. Excellent resilience, with a softer playability.£19.50
Ektelon Lightning XXA clear string with a metallic silver inlaid band, spring-loaded Powerfoil releases explosive energy on impact for greater power, while providing a broadband wear barrier for increased durability. Used by IRT pro Ruben Gonzalez.£18.00
Tecnifibre Synthetic GutA great value for money string from tennis and squash string brand leaders Tecnifibre which performs well above its price level. A solid core with two wraps provides great power allied with tremendous touch, feel, and control. Terrific value for money£18.00
Wilson Strike ZoneAn all round performance string. Balance of playability and durability to fit most playing styles. The factory string of many Wilson racquets £18.00
Gamma TNT16Gamma’s patented TNT2® processing enhances playability, durability and control for all playing styles. Elastalon™ centre core and outer wraps with a Pearl coating to enhance durability. 1.30mm gauge.£17.50
Head MegablastA multifilament centre core with co-polymer braided multifilament wraps and a slightly textured Carbon Co-polymer coating, this combination makes Megablast a highly elastic "snap-back" string that delivers maximum power. New coating delivers added durability and less string movement. Excellent value for money.£16.50
Ektelon Synthetic Gut with DuraflexA traditional synthetic gut with a solid central core and two nylon overwraps and Duraflex for added durability. A thin 1.24mm gauge string which gives good bite on the ball. White colour.£16.00
Gamma Synthetic Gut An all round wrapped performance string that offers a balance of playability and durability for all playing levels and playing styles. Available in 1.30mm gauge, and extra durable 1.38mm.£15.00