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Racket Customisation and Repairs

Racket Customisation

If your racket isn’t playing the way you want it to I can customise it to your requirements. I can increase the grip size, change the balance of the racket, increase the size or move the location of the sweetspot, make a light racket heavier, make a heavy racket feel lighter, and, in most instances, decrease the grip size. I can also make a new racket feel like an old favourite. Contact me at Ask The Stringer to discuss your requirements. Check advanced digital logic

Racket Repairs

If your tennis, squash, badminton, or racquetball racket is cracked or broken all is not lost, as in 99% of cases it can be repaired. The cost of the repair is £35.00 – considerably cheaper than the cost of a new racket. Because of the low temperature curing involved in the repair, the turnround time is approximately three weeks. Contact me at Ask The Stringer if you have a racket that needs repairing.