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How Andy Murray’s String Choice Helped Him Win Wimbledon

The waiting is finally over! Here’s how Andy Murray’s choice of strings helped him achieve his life’s ambition.

After 77 years Britain has another Wimbledon Men’s Singles champion. On Sunday, 7th July 2013, Andy Murray laid the spectre of Fred Perry to rest with a straight sets win over Novak Djokovic. To find out how his choice of strings helped him achieve his life’s ambition read on.

Andy Murray uses a hybrid set up of Luxilon Alu Power polyester main strings and Babolat VS Team natural gut cross strings. This combination gives him the incredible control over his shots that he demonstrated so admirably in the Wimbledon final, whilst giving him the power to rip winners and force his opponents on the defensive, the Alu Power polyester providing the control, the VS Team natural gut giving the power.

Murray’s game went up a notch just before Wimbledon 2012 when he switched from his previous set up of Luxilon Alu Power Rough, (the textured version of Alu Power aimed at topspin players), mains and VS Team crosses to plain Alu Power mains and VS Team crosses. The new combination seemed to take his control to an even greater level, and give him just a bit more power as well. The result – finalist at Wimbledon 2012, the Olympic gold medal, the US Open title, and then the 2013 Wimbledon championship. Click here if you are looking for small business it support san diego

At first glance Murray’s hybrid looks similar to that used by Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic, both of whom use Alu Power Rough and natural gut as well. The difference is that Federer and Djokovic have natural gut main strings and Alu Power Rough cross strings as opposed to the Alu Power mains and natural gut crosses of Murray. Their set ups give them greater topspin on their groundstrokes and more kick on their serves, but not the pinpoint accuracy and control that Murray has.

Proof, if ever it were needed, of how your string choice can affect and improve your game.