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Badminton Restring Price List

Listed below are the most popular badminton restrings I offer with their prices. You’ll find everything from the strings of the world’s top players to quality budget lines. The list is the most comprehensive in the UK, and is divided into two sections: Natural Gut Strings,  and Synthetic Strings. Use the “Search™ feature to find a particular make or type of string in each section. eg: type in Ashaway to see all Ashaway brand strings, and entering multifilament will show you all multifilament strings in my range. If you can’t find a particular string you’re looking for drop an e-mail to Ask The Stringer. I carry the full range of virtually all the major manufacturers including Babolat, Tecnifibre, Wilson, Luxilon, Prince, Bow Brand, Gamma, Head, Pacific, Titan, Kirschbaum, Klipspringer, Toalson, Ashaway, and Pro’s Pro.

Badminton Natural Gut Strings

Babolat VS Touch£27.00

Badminton Synthetic Strings

Yonex Aerobite£22.00
Yonex Aerosonic£21.50
Wilson Smash 22£21.00
Wilson Duramax Top£21.00
Yonex Nanogy 99£21.00
Yonex Nanogy 98£20.50
Yonex Nanogy 95£20.50
Ashaway Zymax 64TX & 68TX£20.00
Yonex BG66 Ultimax£20.00
Babolat iFeel 66/68/70£19.50
Ashaway Zymax 66 Fire Power£19.00
Ashaway Zymax 62 Fire, 66 Fire, & 69 Fire£19.00
Yonex BG65Ti£19.00
Karakal Hot Zone 68£18.00
Gosen Pro 70£17.50
Toalson Ion 65£17.00
Toalson Nano Premium 66£17.00
Toalson Premium 65£17.00
Yonex BG3£16.50
Ashaway Flex 21£16.50
Wilson Reaction 70£16.00
Pro's Pro Ultimate 72£16.00
Ashaway Rally 21£16.00
Pro's Pro Tour 75£16.00
Gosen Kingfisher Blu£15.50