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Badminton Restring Price List

Listed below are the most popular badminton restrings I offer with their prices. You’ll find everything from the strings of the world’s top players to quality budget lines. The list is the most comprehensive in the UK, and is divided into two sections: Natural Gut Strings,  and Synthetic Strings. 

Use the ‘Search’ feature to find a particular make or type of string in each section. eg: type in Ashaway to see all Ashaway brand strings, and entering multifilament will show you all multifilament strings in my range.

If you can’t find a particular string you’re looking for drop an e-mail to Ask The Stringer. I carry the full range of virtually all the major manufacturers including Babolat, Tecnifibre, Wilson, Luxilon, Prince, Bow Brand, Gamma, Head, Pacific, Titan, Kirschbaum, Klipspringer, Toalson, Ashaway, and Pro’s Pro.

Badminton Natural Gut

Natural Gut strings are made from the finest quality lamb and beef intestines, and offer unparalleled power, feel, touch, and control. They also offer unequalled shock absorption for players suffering from arm problems.
Babolat VS TouchThe world’s premier natural gut, this 0.75mm gauge string is manufactured in France, to exacting standards. Superb performance. Only available in non-weatherproofed finish.£27.00
Klipspringer LegendAn Australian made natural gut from respected string manufacturer Klipspringer. Its 0.80mm gauge provides good durability combined with high quality response.£25.00
Titan 20GAnother Australian made natural gut string, Titan 20G is a tough string designed for heavy hitters and those looking for durability as their main criteria.£23.00

Badminton Synthetic Strings

This section covers multifilament, polyester/co-polymer, and wrapped synthetic strings. See the 'Types of String' section for explanations on the construction and benefits of each type of string.
Babolat iFeel 68This string offers the best technical balance between feel, power and durability. High-performance multifilament string featuring high tenacity fibres (LCP) that delivers greater durability, a specific coating for good friction resistance and a clear hitting sound. Also contains the Nano Titanium technology for superior durability and a crisp feel. £18.00
Li-Ning NS95A new string from China’s premier string manufacturer. Nano coating extends the life of strings, and provides excellent repulsion power and control. An all round string with balanced performance. £18.00
Ashaway Zymax 66 FireProduced from Ashaway’s revolutionary BETA Polymer raw material, ZyMax 66 Fire is designed for precise shotmaking and is recommended for players that like a stiffer, more control-oriented string bed. £17.00
Ashaway MicroLegend XLThis superb string from leading string manufacturer Ashaway features 5,000 microfilament construction for optimum resiliency and superior tension holding at tournament level tensions. This 0.73mm gauge string offers superb performance.£17.00
Carlton Xelerate 67Used by Nathan Robertson. Engineered specifically to deliver unsurpassed durability from a super thin gauge, (0.7mm), made possible through dual core technology. Dual core technology employs 2 central cores to strengthen the string whilst maintaining reactive energy through a multi-filament outer wrap. £17.00
Li-Ning NS70Oval nylon fibre enables outstanding controlling performance. Perfect combination of offensive and defensive. £17.00
Ashaway Zymax 62A revolutionary ZyWeave core makes Zymax 62 the lightest badminton string ever made. 0.7mm Zymax 62 is 25% lighter than standard 0.7mm strings, maximising power on smashes and control on drop shots. £16.50
Ashaway Zymax 67With the lowest tension loss of any badminton string, Zymax 67 offers an excellent combination of resilience and durability. ZyWeave core. Zymax 67 is used by Ruilin Huang. £16.50
Ashaway Zymax 70Zymax 70 is the strongest 0.70mm string ever made, and has been strung at 40lbs in specially designed frames. ZyWeave core. Zymax 70 is perfect for those players who prefer high tensions.£16.50
Babolat iFeel 66This string provides excellent feel, great hitting sound and good power. High-performance multifilament string featuring a specific coating for good friction resistance, a clear hitting sound and Nano Titanium technology for greater durability and a crisp feel. £16.50
Yonex Nanogy 98Yonex Nanogy 98 is a new 0.69mm fine gauge string from Yonex featuring Compund Cup-Stack Carbon Nanotube technology to achieve great rebound speed combined with high durability. Particularly suitable for players looking for speed and durability.£16.50
Ashaway Flex 21An established high performance string from Ashaway, and used by Gail Emms, Flex 21’s 0.70mm gauge is made up of 2,000 multifilaments surrounded by a tough braided AFC coating for extended string life. A superb string, great value for money, and highly recommended.£16.00
Yonex Nanogy 95Introduced in 2007 and one of Yonex' most popular strings, Nanogy 95 is a 0.69mm fine gauge string featuring compound carbon nanofibre for superior durability. Provides immense power with no loss of durability.£16.00
Babolat iFeel 70This string offers the excellent durability and power. High-performance multifilament string featuring a specific surface texture for good control and fast reactivity. £16.00
Yonex BG68TiA very thin, (0.68mm), string with a hydro titanium coating for power and feel. The thin gauge provides optimum control and feel, and delivers plenty of power.£15.50
Yonex BG65TiA well established Yonex tournament string, BG65Ti is a 0.70mm string featuring Yonex’s hydro titanium coating for power and feel. Slightly thicker than BG68Ti, this string can be strung at high tensions, and provides increased durability.£15.50
Ashaway PowerGut 65A budget priced string from Ashaway constructed with ‘power filaments’ for optimum power, control, and tension stability, and available in either orange or green finish.£14.50
Li-Ning NS30High-rigidity elastic string. Excellent flexibility to enhance offensive performance. £13.50
Gosen Pro 70A high quality 0.70mm gauge string from established badminton string manufacturer Gosen of Japan. Solid core double wrap construction gives excellent performance with great resilience and good touch.£13.50
Toalson Nano Premium 66An ultrathin, (0.66mm), silver coloured string utilizing nano technology for improved elasticity. High grade multifilament with special braided monofilament outer wraps for improved durability and power.£13.50
Babolat Hyperbraid Hi-LifeAn 0.85mm multifilament string from Babolat designed with durability in mind, Challenge Hi-Life is ideal for regular string breakers.£13.00
Toalson Premium 65Similar construction to Toalson’s Premium 66, but without nano technology. 0.70mm gauge gives greater durability than Premium 66, whilst still providing good power, touch and control.£13.00
Kingfisher BluThe only oil-filled badminton string now available, Kingfisher Blu is for the player who likes a softer feel. Textured outer surface for extra bite on the shuttle.£12.50
Apollo NylflexA thicker, (0.80mm), gauge multifilament string from British company Apollo, Nylflex is designed for the player who is a regular string breaker, or for whom durability is key.£12.50