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Hello, I’m Colin Triplow, and welcome to my website, home of my famous mail order restringing service.  Here’s where  you’ll find all you need to know about the strings and rackets used by the pros, and the latest news.

I’ve been stringing tennis, racketball, squash, and badminton rackets for over twenty years.  I’m based in New Ash Green, not far from the Brands Hatch Grand Prix circuit in Kent, England, and I’ve strung at tournaments throughout the UK and overseas. I provide all my customers with the same level of quality and service as I give to professional players. I’m a member of the European Racquet Stringers Association, the United States Racquet Stringers Association, and the UK Racket Stringers Association, and I am one of only a handful of stringers to obtain the ERSA Master Racquet Technician qualification, the highest stringing qualification there is.

Whilst I specialise in tennis, I offer full racketball, badminton, and squash restring services. Just click on the Racketball, Squash, or Badminton Price List tabs on the menu on the right hand side.

Check out my Special Offers page. Each month I have some of the hottest strings around on special offer. You may find just what you’re looking for at an exceptional price.

All restrings are carried out on my Tecnifibre TF7000 electronic stringing machine, (see photos below), which has been used at the French Open Tennis Championships at Roland Garros in Paris, assuring you of perfect tension every time. This machine, also used at the Monte-Carlo and Barcelona Masters Series events, at the Berlin and Doha Opens and many other events around the globe, is the best in the world, and allows tension increases right down to 0.1lb, giving unequalled accuracy and consistency.

My mail order restring service is well known, and I currently have well over 300 happy mail order customers. Check out what some of them have to say on my Testimonials page.

I’m usually able to turn rackets round in 2-3 days, so you won’t be without your favourite racket for more than a few days, and an express service is also available.

I hope you enjoy my website, and if you have any questions please contact me via the ‘Ask The Stringer‘ page.

Tecnifibre TF7000

Tecnifibre TF7000

Tecnifibre TF7000 Controls

Tecnifibre TF7000 Controls